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Being selected to represent your country and work with the top athletes, at the top events, is a great honour for the Sport Massage Therapist selected.  Getting there requires many hours of dedicated time and training.  But those listed below are not the only ones that help athletes along the way.  There are many unsung heroes who put in time at smaller events and other training massage therapy treatments that never go to the top events.  There are many who choose to work with the developing athlete and then let others take them the final step of the way.  All have a role to play in the health and success of an athlete.  All are important and valuable.

Those therapists listed below have had the honour of going to the top events.  You can see that over the years Sport Massage Therapy use grew to become a sought after modality in the athletes competition regime.  From just a few therapists to treat all the athletes, to a whole team of therapists with some sports bringing their own dedicated therapists.  

As time has gone on, the roles of the medical personnel at large events has become more specialized.  The Sport Massage Therapist has, in recent times, been divided into 3 different roles at large events. 

Core:  The Sport Massage Therapist working in core is working with all Canadian athletes at that event.

Sport:  The Sport Massage Therapist working in sport is working for a specific sport, such as swimming.  They will specialize and work with only Canadian athletes from that sport at that event.

Host:  The Sport Massage Therapist working in host will work with all athletes from all countries.  In larger events, the host country will provide medical personnel to bridge the gap for other countries and for countries that cannot afford to send their own personnel.  This role is only fulfilled with Canadian Sport Massage Therapists in a Canadian hosted event.

The CSMTA’s focus is to prepare therapists to work with Canada’s elite athletes in conjunction with the requirements set by the Canadian Olympic Committee which maintains Certified Sport Massage Therapists as Sport Fellows through the CSMTA in recognition as an Expert group. This allows CSMTA therapists representation on Health Care Teams selected for Major Games and Events.  As a result you will only see those selected for Core and Sport roles below.  


 Year Games Location Therapist Role
 1976 Summer Olympics Montreal Kip Petch 


 YearGames Location  Therapist Role
 1986 Commonwealth Games Edinburgh Al Bodnarchuk 
 1988 Winter Olympics Calgary

Geraldine Barrett, Marcel Charland, Kip Petch, Sherry Gross, Connie Burton, Grace Chan, Christine Sutherland, Carrol Monson, Bill Deagle, Rick Tkach



Year Games  Location TherapistRole 
 1990 Commonwealth Games  Auckland Aurel Hamran 
 1992 Summer Olympics Barcelona Aurel Hamran 
 1994 Commonwealth GamesVictoria Geraldine Barrett, Al Bodnarchuk, Aurel Hamran, Mavis Wahl-LeBlanc, Ed Ratz 
 1995 Pan American Games Mar del Plata Aurel Hamran 
 1996 Summer Olympics Atlanta Al Bodnarchuk, Aurel Hamran 
 1998 Commonwealth Games Kuala LumpurAlain Bellemare, Marcel Charland, Aurel Hamran, Milton Bingham 
 1999 Pan American Games Winnipeg Al Bodnarchuk, Aurel Hamran, Mavis Wahl-LeBlanc, Ed Ratz 
 1999 FISU (World University Games) Palma de Mallorca Al Bodnarchuk 


Year Games Location Therapist Role 
 2000 Summer Olympics Sydney Al Bodnarchuk, Alain Bellemare, Carolyn Caesar, Aurel Hamran, Mavis Wahl-LeBlanc, Ed Ratz 
 2000 Summer Para Olympics Sydney Vikki Crane-Small, Frank Manzo 
 2002 Commonwealth Games Manchester Al Bodnarchuk, Vikki Crane-Small, Aurel Hamran, Sherry Gross 
 2002 Winter Olympics Salt Lake City Al Bodnarchuk, Mavis Wahl-LeBlanc 
 2003 FISU (World University Games) Daegu Remo Bucci 
 2003 Pan American Games Santo Domingo Marcel Charland, Kip Petch, Sherry Gross, Johanna Thackray 
 2004 Summer Olympics Athens Alain Bellemare, Carolyn Caesar, Aurel Hamran, Frank Manzo 
 2004 Summer Para OlympicsAthensVikki Crane-Small, Remo Bucci
2005Jeux de la FrancophonieNiameyAlain Bellemare 
 2005 FISU (World University Games) Izmir Connie Burton 
 2006 Commonwealth Games Melbourne Alain Bellemare, Kip Petch Core
  Aurel Hamran Swimming
 2006 Winter Olympics Turin Remo Bucci, Mavis Wahl Core
    Kip Petch Bobsleigh
 2007 Pan American Games Rio de Janeiro Kip Petch, Kim Mark-Goldsworthy Core
    Jennifer Pendray-Toporowski Diving
    Carolyn Daubeny Athletics
    Manon Prieur Water Polo
 2007 Para - Pan American Games Rio de Janeiro Vicki Crane-Small Core 
 2007 FISU (World University Games) Bangkok Aurel Hamran Core
 2008 Summer Olympics Beijing Johanna Thackwray, Kip Petch Core
    Jennifer Pendray-Toporowski, Marcus Blumensaat Diving
    Aurel Hamran, Eugene Liang, Rick Pelletier Swimming
    Alvin Bodnarchuk, Garfield Crooks Athletics
    Bernard Irvin Canoe/Kayak - Sprint
    Sophie St-Jacques Cycling
    Carolyn Caesar Rowing
    Nicole Stephen Football
    Ed Louie Gymnastics - Artistic Men
    Kim Ward Triathlon
 2008 Summer Para Olympics Beijing Vikki Crane-Small, Erin Max Core
 2009 Jeux de la Francophonie Beirut Kip Petch, Manon Prieur Core
 2009 FISU (Word University Games) Serbia Ed Ratz Core
    Ronald Castro, Shawn Trimble, Aurel Hamran Swimming


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Please note that the list above is not complete. We are missing data. Please note that any noted errors or omissions are not intentional, only that in trying to find complete lists of therapists at events over the past 30+ years has been challenging. Please send any corrections or additions to the above list to the National Office at


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