Best in field since 1987

Role of the CSMTA

    • Established in 1987
    • The only certifying body in Canada for Sport Massage
    • A not-for-profit organization
    • Provides leadership and education in the focus of Sport Massage 
    • Establishes professional standards
    • Serves the Canadian athletic community at all levels
    • Educates about the importance of sport massage therapy.
    • Aims to serve all levels;  from grass roots community athletics to Provincial, National and International.

"Our focus continues to prepare therapists to work with Canada’s elite athletes in conjunction with the requirements set by the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) which maintains Certified Sport Massage Therapists as Sport Fellows through the CSMTA recognition as an Expert group. This allows representation on Health Care Teams selected for Major Games and Events".

To meet minimum Qualification Standards upheld by the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), a certification program was implemented; the CSMTA Education Program

Mission Statement

"The CSMTA enhances the health care needs of Canadian athletes from grassroots to the professional level. This is accomplished by members working through the CSMTA Education Program and by applying effective sport massage techniques during all phases of their training, performance and competition. The CSMTA promotes a professional climate for the growth of sport massage therapy in Canada through education, research and practice."


"Keeping athletes in trusted hands"


For Members

    • An organization National in scope
    • Facilitates mentorship, education and certification
    • Provides resources in research
    • Fosters lifelong friendships/connections among like-minded therapists
    • Provides leadership and excellence in standard of education for massage therapists
For Allied Healthcare Professionals
    • Shares knowledge and information in the sports medicine field
    • Provides leadership and excellence in standard of education for massage therapists
    • Leaders in pre, post and inter-event massage therapy
For Sports Associations and Athletes
    • Provides excellence in care
    • Supports training, performance and rehabilitation services
    • Provides services in pre, post and inter-event massage

Please check out our information booklet below for more details.


CSMTA Information English Booklet 11.2022.pdf

En français

CSMTA Information Booklet (French) 11.2022.pdf


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