Designations used by CSMTA members

Sport Candidate Member: This is a CSMTA member that is working towards becoming a fully certified Sport Massage Therapist. They are in the process of working through both the academic and practical training.

Sport Fellow Member: This is a CSMTA member that is a fully certified Sport Massage Therapist. They have completed all practical and academic training and passed both the written and oral practical exams.

*Asterisk definition

All Provinces, with the exception of Quebec, have a minimum standard of 2200 hours of training for massage therapists. Regulated Provinces, which include BC, Ontario, PEI, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador and most recently Saskatchewan and Manitoba, have moved to a competency standard to quantify massage therapy training. This competency standard allows healthcare professionals from other disciplines to use their previous training as credit.  When their previous training matches up with the massage therapy training they are able to shorten the educational requirements as they have already taken that course/education.

Quebec does not have a 2200 hour program within the Province. Quebec therapists can join the CSMTA with 1000 hours of training. To indicate who these therapists are, there is an asterisk by their name. If a therapist from Quebec, gets additional academic training to fill the gap left in their massage therapy training to equal 2200 hours , the asterisk is removed.



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