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A part of CSMTA's responsibility in Sport is to respond to public complaints about incompetent, unethical or unprofessional practice.

The CSMTA is committed to providing a safe environment for all athletes and members, that is free from maltreatment. The Canadian Sport Massage Therapists Association operates a zero tolerance policy for any form of maltreatment in the workplace and treats all incidents seriously and promptly. Any members found to have maltreated a client, athlete or co-worker, will face disciplinary action, up to and including removal from the CSMTA. Further, that individual’s Provincial College or Association will be notified. All complaints will be taken seriously and treated with respect and in confidence. No one will be victimized for making a complaint.

Please go to the Making a Complaint page for more information.

To view our Member Conduct Policy please click here.


To touch and cherish the worth and dignity of each person as a blessed and unique expression of life

Is to affirm the value of life.

To touch and accept each other in our different skins, our wounded parts and our hoping hearts

Is to create safety and trust.

To touch and know the vulnerability of aching flesh, a despairing brow, a trickling tear

Is to create empathy and compassion.

To touch with gentle strength and knowing softness

Is to restore the healing power of touch.

To touch and express sincere praise, kind thoughts, considerate deeds and gestures

Is to create confidence and self-esteem.

To touch with integrity

Is to create truth, honesty and wholeness within ourselves, our fellows and in our world.

To touch with our hands and heal with our hearts Is to renew the miracle and the majesty

of serving with integrity in touch.

Originally Published November 1996

Touching with Our Hands— Healing With Our Hearts Serving With Integrity In Touch

by Cidalia Paiva


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